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Micro-services Architecture and Patterns

The micro-services architecture is emerging as an important approach for distributed mission-critical applications. In a micro-service-based architecture, the application is built on a collection of services that can be developed, tested, deployed, and versioned independently.This course provides foundational development and architectural guidance primarily at a development environment level with a focus on two technologies: Docker and .NET Core.

  • Use Micro-services
  • Advantages of Micro-services
  • Disadvantages of Micro-services
  • Principles Of Micro-services
  • Integration
  • Understand what micro-service architecture is
  • Understand principles use in micro-service design
  • Understand the advantages of using micro-service architecture
  • Understand problems introduced by the micro-service pattern and how to solve them
  • Understand the development process of a micro-service
  • Understand communication patterns in a micro-service based system
  • Weekend Class: 09.00 am - 14.00 pm
  • Midweek Class: 09.00 am - 20.00 pm